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Federated Farmers:

Getting Kiwis into farm roles


Are you an employer
registering for free gear?

Are you interested in
working on a farm

We are encouraging farmers to hire NZ employees - new to the agri-sector and/or job seekers to long-term employment.

Federated Farmers has been working with the Ministry of Social Development to get more Kiwis into work on the land.


Federated Farmers is going the extra mile providing employment contracts and have teamed up with Kiwi owned and operated Stoney Creek Clothing to provide gear to those new to the farming sector.


Our stocks are limited so it's first-in first-served. 

Supporting sustainable employment outcomes for
New Zealanders with Te Heke Mai.

Through a handy app, friendly real-life coaches help participate to set goals specific to their individual journey.


To date we have put 705 kiwis on farm through the Get Kiwis on Farm initiative

"We will always support getting more Kiwis on farm"

Richard McIntyre

Federated Farmers

Employment Portfolio 

What do you get?

After working through the process outlined below, the cost of the Employment contract will be refunded and the Farm-Wear Starter Kit will be sent to you for your new employee.

An order form will be provided as part of this process - on completion the order will be forwarded to our teammates at Stoney Creek who will prepare and dispatch your Kit.

The package can be tailored to for General Farmers (Arable, Sheep and Beef, or Deer) or Dairy Farmers, male or female.


Below is an outline of what's included.  

GKOF Stoney Creek Starter Pack - Dairy.jpg


  • FREE Federated Farmers Employment Contract

  • FREE Farm and wet weather gear (farm-grade jacket, beanie, socks, thermal, farm-grade hoodie, overalls, apron, milking sleeves, farm-grade bib over trousers, gumboots and helmet)

  • FREE Pastoral care

  • FREE first year Young Farmers Membership

GKOF Stoney Creek Starter Pack - General.jpg


(For Arable, Deer, Sheep and Beef) 

  • FREE Federated Farmers Employment Contract

  • FREE Farm and wet weather gear (farm-grade jacket, over-trousers, tough-guy shirt, gumboots, beanie, socks, thermal, farm-grade hoodie, farm-grade soft-shell jacket, and helmet)

  • FREE Pastoral care

  • FREE first year Young Farmers Membership



Step 1

New employee on farm

This offer is only available to members whose employee's first paid day is within 4 weeks of the application being with MSD. 

If you haven't found someone yet, contact Liam , we can assist. Or to advertise your vacancy go to Otherwise proceed to Step 2

Step 2

Get the employment contract

1) To be eligible for this initiative your employee must be on a Federated Farmers Individual Employment Contract. Proof of employment will need to be provided in the application and we will check for a proof of purchase on the contract.

2) If you have purchased a Federated Farmers Individual Employment Contract on/after 1st July 2023 you won't have to purchase a new one to be eligible. If your contract is out of date, please visit the Federated Farmers website (click here). 


3) If your application is successful we will credit/reimburse you the cost of the contract (excluding below service fees):

  • Digital copy service fee is $25.00.

  • Hard copy service fee (includes shipping and handling) is $15.00. 

  • The PDF copy has no service fee. 

Step 3

Start application

Click the Get Started button below step 5 to start the process.  


See full eligibility here.


What you will need before you start:

1) Employees personal details, photo ID and Social Welfare Number       (SWN) which can be found here.

2) Proof of employment. I.e. completed and signed contract

3) Your Federated Farmers membership number. If you aren't one     already click here to join

PLEASE NOTE - This process is subject to audit by Ministry of Social Development. By submitting your application you agree to this process and verification of the information you supplied. Your employee must provide consent (via email) before this information is passed on. 

Step 4

We sort out the rest

Your application will be sent on to MSD and someone from our team will be in touch with you to chat about your application and update you on the next steps.

Step 5

Your gear arrives 

On approval, our team will notify you and we will confirm some final details for your pack.


Your order will be passed to Stoney Creek.

From the date of order, delivery should occur between 2 - 3 weeks. Please note rural delivery times may vary and please be patient with this delivery process we will do our best to meet the above delivery schedule.

Still, have a question? See our FAQ below.  

Are you a farm owner?

Want to work on farm?

Together We Will Get More Hard Working Kiwis Into Farming. 

Lady on Farm w dogs & horse.png

Ready to help Kiwis transition to the Ag-Sector? 

  • Who is Stoney Creek?
    Stoney Creek is 100% Kiwi owned and operated. Since 1994, Stoney Creek has been recognising the importance of purpose-built clothing and outdoors gear to face the unpredictability of the environment, the elements and the work and play that come with it. Whether you’re on an adventure, on the job, on the land, or on the water, Stoney Creek know that to get the best outcome, you need the best gear to support you. Stoney Creek’s story holds innovation at its core. Continuously seeking to test and create leading-edge fabric technology, designs and clothing systems that are unparalleled in the market, partnering with top manufacturers and technology providers to deliver products of the highest standard. The Stoney Creek mission is to maximise your experience, and to achieve this by providing purpose-built gear that is specifically designed for an intended application. Stoney Creek are forever on the hunt for innovative new ways to offer cutting edge fabrics, performance technologies, and purposeful designs. Farming, Hunting and Fishing are all about community, great mates, and great memories. And those are values deeply important to Stoney Creek, too. Our gear is created for this community - and we’re proud to be there to support those incredible experiences and memories you create.
  • What if I order the wrong size?
    Mistakes happen! Just contact Stoney Creek and touch base with one of their team. Use the code provided in the order confirmation as a reference when communicating.
  • I have bought a contract already, can I get my money back?"
    Yes, only if it is a Federated Farmers contract! Only if it was purchased on or after 01 July 2023. Fill out the form outlined in Step 3 and our team will reimburse you the cost of the contract. Easy.
  • Do I have to be a Federated Farmers Member?
    Yes!! This amazing offer is exclusively available for Federated Farmer Members. You can become a member to get this deal and still save! Click here to join
  • What if I receive the contract but the employment falls through?
    Things happen, but please be aware you will be charged the cost of the contract and the service fee. If you have not completed the contract and it is in a state that can be returned (see our conditions here) call 0800 FARMING and enquire about a return or an exchange.
  • Can I still get this deal if I am employing fixed term?
    Yes you can. But you must be contracting your new employee for the equivalent of 30 hours or more per week for 182 days or more. You must meet minimum wage requirements and other standard legal criteria.
  • Can I get this for more than one worker?
    Yes, you can! Provided they are eligible (a NZ resident, new to sector etc.) You will need to complete the application process for each employee.
  • How do I know how many packs are available?
    Currently we have 145 packs available. Stocks are limited, so it is first in first served.
  • Who should I call if my order is delayed?
    If 21 days has been and gone - contact Stoney Creek . Please ensure you have your reference number available to assist us in tracking the Kit (you can find this in the order confirmation).
  • What if I have a problem with my order?
    Contact Stoney Creek . Please ensure that you have your reference number provided in the order confirmation.
  • What if I purchase my Federated Farmers Contract on the PaySauce platform?
    No issues. You still need to show us proof of purchase and proof of the completed contract as outlined in step 3 (this can be done through a screenshot). Please be aware you will be charged a service fee for the digital version.
  • Can someone complete half or all of this process for me?
    No. Our system needs to be easily reviewed. You must use the same employer/employee details in both the contract purchase stage AND the form (order) stage. This cannot be your farm advisor or accountant. Details must also match the information attached to your Federated Farmers membership. Don't worry, you can update these details on your member portal if for example your partner is not listed but was the one that purchased the contract, or will be the direct employer. Note: You can have up to 3 contacts on a full membership and 2 on a small farm membership.
  • What if my new employee has already worked in the Ag sector?
    Circumstances will be considered by Ministry of Social Development on a case-by-case basis. So ensure your application explains your employee's previous situation.


Questions? Send us a message and we’ll get back to you ASAP

Tel: 0800 327 646 (0800 FARMING)


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